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Central Florida has around 450+ tennis courts and the list is so much longer. These tennis courts get damaged in the scorching heat surrounding locations in Florida. Even in the winter season, you will find moss and algae growing on the surface. The damages on the surface require court resurfacing and maintenance process to help the player to showcase his ability to perform well.

Sport surfaces | Synthetic Court resurfacing

We are the best available choice to hire to construct or resurface a synthetic tennis court surface to suit your all the specific needs and you can be assured that with minimal maintenance, you will again get your sporting pleasures for much longer time.

Hiring our maintenance service will ensure that you can use your tennis court all year round on the synthetic surface. It will not only help you to save your money, but it will extend the life of your synthetic surface.

At sport surfaces, we provide 4 types of different synthetic grass including the polyethylene synthetic grass. This process will allow you to customize your installation according to your requirements. All of the synthetic turfs come with the UV rays protected that helps to protect your surface from the strong heat of Orlando and Central FL.


The right time to resurface your tennis court

Tennis courts resurfacing and repairing needs  special equipment, chemical sprays, and personnel so, it is recommended to get it done from the professional tennis court contractors. And since 1998, we are specialized in tennis court resurface and repair process with the development of our own techniques for repairing and resurfacing court surfaces.

Cushioned hard court surfaces

A cushioned tennis court is a surface with an asphalt or concrete base with many layers of cushioned rubber. It is applied before the acrylic finish. If you are looking for the low maintenance hard court with some of the resilience, which gives a feel of a soft court, then look no further. We at Sport surfaces, use  the most advanced cushioning system.

We add multiple layers of absorbing cushioning of rubber granules for the best playing surface. Despite its softness, cushioned court surfaces provide a consistent ball bounce as well as prevents knee injury for players.


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