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You need your running track to be well maintained to ensure everyone gets a fair race and to reduce the risk of injury. When your track becomes worn, it is time to consider running track resurfacing. The professionals at Sport Surfaces are equipped with everything they need to make your resurfacing project easy, including trained professionals with experience and the technology necessary to create the perfect running surface for your track. Whether you need a standard black track or one that matches your team colors, our professionals can get the job done quickly.


Athletic Running Track System

Our Services

When you call us for your running track resurfacing project, we can provide you with everything you need to ensure your project is completed to your specifications at the lowest price possible. Our professionals will come to your location to give you a free inspection and estimate on your project. At Sport Surfaces, you can choose from our line of Plexitrac surfaces that will be installed by our team of professionals who have been fully trained and have the experience necessary to do the job right.

Plexitrac Track Surfaces

At Sport Surfaces, we specialize in Plexitrac surfaces. These surfaces feature the perfect cushioning and resilience runners need to protect their joints as they run and provide them with the high performance they desire. In addition to these aspects, the Plexitrac surfaces offer the greatest durability so you won’t need to worry about resurfacing again in the near future. Not only does the track hold up to the beating it takes from the runners, the surface is also resistant to the UV rays of the sun, ensuring the color you choose will last.

Plexitrac - Surfacer

Plexitrac Surfacer is a Polyresin topcoat and retexturizing finish for existing latex and urethane track surfaces. Plexitrac Surfacer is perfect for revitalizing your worn running track surface. The highly pigmented composition is filled with EPDM rubber granule for texture and filling of an existing track surface.

Plexitrac - XP

Plexitrac XP is the newest innovation in Plexitrac System Technology. Using an enhanced performance binder, Plexitrac XP has successfully achieved IAAF certification. Plexitrac XP track surfaces have superior strength and elongation properties.

Plexitrac XP can be installed in thicknesses from 12-15mm depending upon your certification requirements.

Plexitrac - Accelerator

Plexitrac Accelerator offers the highest levels of performance for texture, longevity and athletic capability. Accelerator is an EPDM surface top coated with the Polyresin Plexitrac Coating, ensuring uniformity and years of UV light stable color.

  • Highly textured- provides optimum traction and color intensity.
  • Meets force reduction and deformation requirements of the IAAF
  • Low maintenance costs
Plexitrac - Lightning

Plexitrac Lightning is comprised of select black SBR rubber granules bound together with a black pigmented Plexitrac Binder. Lightning is then top coated with a highly pigmented black finish coat of either Plexitrac Coating or Surfacer for additional long term UV light stability and abrasion resistance. Plexitrac Lightning can be updated to Plexitrac Accelerator at scheduled maintenance cycle.

Plexitrac - Flash

Plexitrac Flash is a traditional track surfacing system ideal for value conscious clients. Flash consists of a base layer of black SBR rubber bound together by red Plexitrac Binder for color depth. A single layer of EPDM granule is protected by Plexitrac Surfacer or Plexitrac Coating.

  • Intense color and medium texture.
  • Available in red, green or blue.
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We also offer running track resurfacing services all over the continental U.S.