Tennis Court Resurfacing and Tennis Court Repair

Sport Surfaces tennis court resurfacing and tennis court repairs are unparralled in terms of quality and performance. It is normal to have wear and tear on tennis courts from typical use as well as specific weather elements such as UV light. It is very important that your tennis court is resurfaced every 4 - 5 years to ensure that the asphalt is not being dried out thus causing further cracking and deterioration to occur. In some instances where the tennis court has not been resurfaced in 10 years or more it is possible that the court will require a layer of asphalt being added before tennis court surfacing can take place.

  • At Sport Surfaces we pride ourselves on our top quality tennis court repairs & maintenance. We understand that the better quality the tennis court is in, the better the tennis games will be. By using only top quality ITF endorsed paints we can provide top quality tennis surfaces that not only play great but provide years of enjoyment. Whether you are a commercial facility, general contractor or home owner Sport Surfaces will provide you with the support neeed to bring your tennis court back to excellent condition once again.

  • While there is no such thing as a perfect tennis court, you want your surface to be as high quality as possible to promote high quality tennis games. Some things to look for when you are deciding whether or not you need tennis court repair or tennis court resurfacing include:

    • Density of the cracks – If there are a few minor cracks, we can simply fill the cracks before resurfacing your tennis court. If the cracks are very deep or there are a great number of cracks, your tennis court may require either fiberglass strips, an entire fiberglass court application or in the worst case a layer of asphalt before resurfacing.
    • Numbers of puddles – Puddles are going to occur on any tennis court, but when they interfere with tennis games, they need to be repaired.
    • Appearance of the surface – If the surface of your tennis court is peeling or the entire court is in bad condition, a layer of asphalt will be necessary before resurfacing.
  • At Sport Surfaces we follow a very specific procedure to complete your tennis court surfacing: Note this is a standard tennis court resurfacing procedure which can be modified to suit your specific tennis court needs.

    • Sport Surfaces will pressure clean and power blow court(s) as necessary to remove loose dirt, mildew and oil.
    • Patch depressions greater than 1/8" after 1 hour drying time in sunlight, grind down any ridges as necessary
    • fill existing cracks as best as possible prior to surfacing


(1 -2) Coats of Acrylic Resurfacer over entire court area to fill voids and provide smooth surface.
(2-3) Coats of Color Concentrate (two-tone) to provide in depth color over court surface.
accurately locate, mark, and paint two inch wide playing lines in accordance with U.S.T.A. regulations using white textured heavy bodied acrylic latex paint.
The Contractor shall thoroughly and expediently clean up all drums, trash, etc. upon job completion

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