Sport Court or Multi-Purpose Court Resurfacing in Florida

Many home owners choose to have their existing tennis courts converted to a multipurpose or otherwise called sport courts resurfaced. Standard tennis or basketball courts can be converted to a multipurpose sport court during our resurfacing process with the choice of many different colored lines thus avoiding having the different sports interfere with each other. We have also converted many Sport Court modular systems to an acrylic surface as we have found that many home owners complain that the surface has become very slippery once it is slightly wet. The cost of replacing the modular tile / sport court tiles can often be 2-3 times more expensive than just simply converting the court to a durable high end acrylic surface. Many of the home owners who have had their modular tile system court converted to an acrylic surface actually prefer this system.

You can have either volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, hockey, four square, or shuffleboard court lines and surface placed on your existing tennis/basketball court.

We can install your new multipurpose court in a variety of colors and can (lines and court colors). The different court lines will help make it easier for players to differentiate between the games during play. Most courts can be repaired then resurfaced, but some will need a layer of asphalt. Depending on the existing courts condition, Sport Surfaces can resurface a Multipurpose court in 5-8 days, weather permitting.

One of the most fun additions you can have performed on your existing court is converting it to a multipurpose court!

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