Futsal Resurfacing

Five-a-side soccer

 Whether you're just kicking the ball around, or playing a competitive game, Sport Surfaces has the futsal, also known as futbolito, surface for you. For small-sided games, Sport Surface's surfacing delivers terrific pace and response on the ball, helping athletes develop superior foot skills and creating an exciting and speedy game.

Sport Surfaces can renovate and resurface any game court, whether it'd be a tennis or a basketball court, into an operating futsal court. Sport Surfaces can also built a futsal court. Professional workers will be sure to please costumers.


  • Sport Surfaces delivers the best combination of shock absorption and traction with a non-abrasive surface
  • Open grid means water and weather drain away fast, meaning more hours of playing
  • Delivers premium playability and safety


Top Reason to Use Synthetic Lines Instead of Painted Lines


Do you have a soccer field, baseball field or football field that requires weekly line painting? Is the cost of labor and materials to paint the lines becoming excessively costly and time consuming? The environmentally friendly answer is Perm aline permanent sport lines!

Constantly Towing Money Away Every Time Grass Grows or It Rains


  • High cost of paint and chalk
  • Spray Machine and Cost of repairs / maintenance
  • High Cost of Labor
  • Storage of Toxic and Flammable materials
  • Toxins make their way into the water table polluting drinking water
  • Courts Need to be Stripped Before Each Game
  • Poor Field Performance due to bad lines
  • With the savings in manpower cities can work on other projects
Permaline Synthetic Lines are Making Athletic Field Painting Obsolete td>
  • Environment friendly - no toxins in water runoff
  • No more athletic paint or chalk
  • No more paint equipment & messy clean ups
  • Patented product with 5 year warranty
  • Install and Forget for 9-14 years
  • Ground Maintenance is now simple
  • Synthetic Lines are available for soccer, baseball and football fields

Permaline™ - the patented permanent synthetic grass line for natural grass athletic sports fields (7 1/2" wide and 2 1/4" tall). The standard 4" or 2" line is bordered by 1 1/2" of green fibers on each side. Permaline™ eliminates virtually all recurring costs associated with painting or chalking field lines.


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