Top-Quality HAR-TRU Construction

Let the experts at Sport Surfaces provide you with a top-quality tennis court with our HAR-TRU construction. The installation of HAR-TRU is simple and cost efficient, allowing anyone to have the high-quality tennis court they have always wanted. Choosing a HAR-TRU court over any other type of tennis court will provide you with a functional court for many years to come.

Easy Installation

The experts at Sport Surfaces follow a distinct method to provide you with the highest quality HAR-TRU constructions around. We have been using our method for years, and it has proven itself successful through the numerous testimonies we have obtained. Starting with our exclusive laser system, we get the ground ready for installation. Our professionals then install a concrete curb around the exterior of the court, an above-ground or underground irrigation system and a layer of crushed concrete. The final step is a layer of HAR-TRU, which is evenly installed for a gorgeous, smooth tennis court.

HAR-TRU Construction that Will Last

When you choose Sport Surfaces for your HAR-TRU constructions, you will obtain a tennis court that remains free from the normal wear and tear a tennis court goes through year after year. With minimal buckling, bumps and cracks, choosing HAR-TRU for your tennis court surface is a cost-efficient choice for anyone. The minimal need for maintenance down the road makes it affordable and time efficient to have a tennis court that stands up to the toughest industry standards.