Top-Quality Basketball and Tennis Court Lighting

The proper basketball and tennis court lighting is essential to a successful game at night. At Sport Surfaces, we have found through our own research that the Tech-Light product is the premier product when it comes to properly lighting your courts. In addition to the right product, you also need the proper installation. Our experts at Sport Surfaces will find the exact way to install your lighting in order for your players to have a successful game of tennis or basketball, rather than a frustrating game.

  • Sport Surfaces utilizes the right methods to determine exactly where your tennis or basketball court lighting should be installed. We research exactly how the light is going to hit the ball, not how the light is going to light up the court. The ball is the important factor in the game. If the glare or shadows get in your way, it can mean the difference between a good game and a bad one. The exact setup and area of your court will help us determine your exact lighting needs.

  • At Sport Surfaces, we utilize the latest technologies to provide you with proper court lighting. Players take their basketball and tennis game very seriously, which is why we treat your lighting needs with respect. Tennis court lighting and basketball court lighting both take research, time and expertise, all of which Sport Surfaces is happy to provide you and your courts with.