Bocce Ball Court Construction, Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Florida

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Bocce Ball Court Construction in Florida

In recent times bocce ball has become one of the fastest rising sports in Florida. Bocce ball born in Itally and now available for your Florida home. Wether you live in Miami, Naples or just about anywhere in Florida you can trust Sport Surfaces to construct a synthetic or clay bocce ball court for you!

Every bocce ball court installation is unique the standard-size bocce ball court that is normally built measures 10’x60′. You can also have a customized bocce ball court built that fits well in your yard for personal use. The size of the bocce ball court does not matter as much as the presence of foul lines to properly call shots as well as in-bound markers. Bocce ball courts can also be built out of oyster shells but this is starting to be a less popular surface compared to the low maintenance synthetic surfaces that are quickly becoming the leading surface.

Standard Bocce Ball Court Construction


We offer several different options in the construction of your bocce ball court. You will have three choices in the surface of the court:

  • Artificial Grass
  • Clay (har-tru)
  • Oyster Blend

You will also have to decide the material used to construct the walls. The walls are used for strategic playing including bank shots, so careful thought in the material you use is imperative. You can choose from:

  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Concrete walls with an interior wood surface

The internationally-recognized bocce ball court requires a surface measuring 91’x 13′. This is recommended for courts that are not strictly for personal use. Those courts used for personal use can be customized in any way to meet your needs.

Markers for Bocce Ball Courts

A level surface 91′ long and 13′ wide with side and back walls accommodates all styles of play including the “Open Rules” and both recognize international disciplines. If you are planning to build a personal court for recreational use for you, your family and friends then the size should be whatever fits in your backyard. I recommend the internationally approved 91’x13′ court because it provides the most flexibility.

Whether your bocce ball court is being used for commercial or residential uses, markers are still essential for a proper bocce ball game to take place. These markers include:

  • First throw pallino marker – 1′ from the inside board and 3′ from the back board
  • Foul lines – 4′ and 9′ from the back board
  • Half point line – this marks the minimum distance the pallino needs to go on the first throw

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