Bocce Ball Court Construction in New Jersey

From its roots in Italy, bocce ball has become one of the fastest growing sports in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and throughout the United States. While bocce ball popularity has generated lots of fun for communities and family gatherings, it’s never been more important to use a reputable bocce ball construction company that you can trust. Sports Surfaces is proud to offer industry standard construction and design services to our customers that lasts for years of enjoyment.

At Sport Surfaces, we work directly with you to design and construct the perfect bocce ball court for your space. While standard bocce ball courts are 10’ x 60,’ we can create a bocce ball court for any space. From small backyards, to large community areas, our experts will work with you throughout the design and construction process to create your customized, professional-grade bocce ball court.

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Standard Bocce Ball Court Design & Construction Process

While the internationally recognized bocce ball court measures 91’ x 13,’ our team is committed to working with you to create a customized court that’s perfect for your needs.

One of the first steps in designing your bocce ball court is selecting a surface material. Sports Surfaces offers a variety of bocce ball court surface options to choose from during the design process, including:

  • Synthetic bocce ball court *Customer-preferred due to extremely low maintenance requirements.
  • Har-Tru (clay) bocce ball court
  • Artificial grass bocce ball court
  • Oyster blend bocce ball court

You will also choose from different surface options for the walls of your bocce ball court. The walls of the court are typically used for bank shots for more serious players.

Wall surface options include:

  • Pressure-treated wood walls
  • Concrete walls with an interior wood surface

Bocce Ball Court Dimensions & Markers

The size of your bocce ball court typically depends on how it will be used. Here’s what we recommend for:

Professional/Commercial use: The internationally recognized and “Open Rules” designated dimensions require a court of 91’ x 13’ with back and side walls.

Recreational/Casual use: Our experts suggest the 91’ x 13’ dimensions if possible, as this offers the most flexibility during play. However, we can gladly customize a bocce ball court to fit your designated space perfectly.

Bocce ball court markers are an essential component to the game. During installation, our team will mark the following regulation markers:

  • First Throw Pallino Marker: Will be placed 1’ from the inside board and 3’ from the backboard.
  • Foul Lines: Will be placed 4’ and 9’ from the backboard.
  • Half Point Line: Will mark the minimum distance the pallino needs to go on the first throw.

From Bergen County to Long Island to Westchester, Sports Surfaces is proud to offer premier tennis court construction throughout the Northeast! We currently serve customers in counties throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.