About Us

Company Profile

We pride ourselves on having an extensive team of tennis / basketball professionals with specialized knowledge in all aspects of the tennis court construction field giving you over 150 years of expert sport construction experience. We are a wholesale provider giving our customers an everything in one place experience.  We have been on of Florida’s top licensed tennis court construction and resurfacing company helping home owners get the most from their home tennis court.

Through the use of laser technologies and unique techniques which have taken years on the tennis court / basketball court to develop we are able to provide customers with the best products and supplies available anywhere. We believe that by tracking and evaluating our daily performance we are able to improve ourselves in an effort to serve our customers better. As a result we are now the leader in home tennis court construction and repair in the Florida. Tomorrow we are striving to be the only sports construction company which is truly global with offices in many parts of the globe!

National Reach

Our home base is Florida so naturally it is easier to service customers here. But we have not only serviced thousands of customers in Florida (our headquarters) but our reputation has taken us as far as Siberia, South America, AU TECH offshore base and many areas of the Caribbean.

Specialized Service

We provide top home / residential tennis and basketball courts along with running tracks, bocce ball courts and many diversified services thus making it possible to meet and beat our clients high expectations. Our clients range from home-owners, general contractors, country clubs, military bases, home owner associations, military installations and a variety of educational facilities.

Experience Counts

We are one of the most experienced and knowledgeable tennis court contractor with the most qualified staff in the industry. We have over 150 years of combined experience in the tennis industry. We know and love our products and know that if you give us an opportunity to serve your sport court needs you will too.

Top Quality coupled with Wholesale pricing

We believe that in today’s economy our customers expect and deserve wholesale tennis court pricing. We will not however, give up quality in order to give a cheap product. Our customers understand that it takes more to provide top quality services and products and we always give our customers the best value for their investment. Remember when you don’t want to spend too much but still expect the best you can count on us.

So if you are looking for the best value coupled with expertise call one of our trained technicians at 877-767-4706 or you can call our local west palm beach headquarter number at 561-964-2001